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Stonewall Hall

Stonewall Hall Virginia City, MT
11th Montana Territorial Legislative Assembly Council 1879 Stonewall Hall Virginia City, Montana

From 1865 to 1875 when Virginia City was Montana’s territorial capital, the Territorial Legislature met on the second floor of this stone building. Constructed in 1864, it is Montana’s oldest standing capitol building. The second floor also housed the Virginia City Lyceum, a small library for “civilized” young men. The retail clothing store of Greenhood, Bohm & Company, a national chain whose company salesmen traveled by stage across Montana, occupied the first floor. Their sign remains on the side of the building. After 1882, R. O. Hickman and then Jacob Albright operated the clothing store. In 1914, part of the 1890s storefront was removed and the building was converted into the Dudley Garage

Council, 11th  Montana Territorial Legislative Assembly,  1879

Location: 2nd Floor of Stonewall Hall


Upper Row:  Martin Barrett,  Richard T. Kennon,  W.G. Conrad,  Oscar A. Sedman                       

Lower Row:  Dr. William Parberry,  Frank C. Ives, Richard O. Hickman,  W. O. Hays,  Dr. A. H. Mitchell,  Junius G. Sanders,  Anton M. Holter,  Warren C.  Gillette,  Joseph A. Hyde


Montana's Oldest Standing Capitol Building!

Stonewall Hall 2020
Stonewall Hall 2020

Stonewall Hall Today

                                Stonewall Hall Timeline

1864 – The new stone building was constructed.

               Downstairs tenant: Stonewall House Saloon


1865 – Virginia City Lyceum opened on the 2nd floor,

               where young men read magazines, newspapers,

               and used the small library for a membership fee of



               Star, Openheimer, & Company opened a dry goods,

               grocery, and liquor store on the 1st floor.


               Virginia City became the Territorial Capitol and the 2nd

               floor became the meeting place for the legislature. Both

               the House and the Council met there at various times between

               1865 – 1875.


1866 – 1882 Greenhodd, Bohm & Company clothing dealers

               opened on the 1st floor. The sign is still visible on the side of

               the building today.


1882 – 1895 R.O. Hickman operated a general mercantile.

1895 – 1914 Jacob Albright operated a clothing store.

1914 – 1967 Lewis Dudley remodeled the building into a full-service

               automobile garage.


1967 – Charles Bovey purchased the property.

1973 – Bovey Restoration placed an antique automobile exhibit inside.

1980s – The building became too dangerous to inhabit so it was cordoned

               off by jack-fence style barricades.


Today – The Stonewall Hall and Dudley Garage are privately owned and are

               still uninhabitable.

Amount needed to complete stabilization:



Spring 2023

Spring 2023
Rehabilitation Construction Begins

October 2023

Stonewall Hall of the Future!

Stonewall Hall Conditions Assessment

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